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Hydrogen Rich Water Maker Machine

Hydrogen Rich water Maker Bottle

Hydrogen Rich water Maker Bottle

Hydrogen Rich water Maker Bottle

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Why Choose Olansi Hydrogen Water Maker


Professional Factory

Established in 2006, located in Guangzhou, China, professional hydrogen water maker machine manufacturer with FDA Certification,with our own strong R&D Team and Laboratory..


Professional in Hydrogen Water Maker Quality

Olansi always take the concept: All for Customers, Quality First, Guide by Market, Continuous innovation and persist in All Function, Convenience and Utility, and with Reasonable Price.


Professional Sales Team

Olansi People always with great passion and confidence are striding forward with you to make mutual benefits and create bright future in hydrogen water maker field.


Excellent Factory Management

Stable employee, most of them are 8 years long in this factory. High output with monthly capacity 50000pcs. 98% in time delivery to customers.


Convenient Transportation

Located in Guangzhou China, easy to reach Guangzhou Baiyun International Air Port, Huangpu/Nansha/Yantian/
Shekou/Chiwan Bay Sea Port, super convenient for customers’ visiting& exporting worldwide.


Experience in customers supporting

Been exporting hydrogen water maker,air purifiers for 8 year, well knowledge in worldwide markets, can guide customer correspondingly and with good customers supporting.

Olansi Company Instruction

Established in 2009,located in Guangzhou City South China,Olansi company is a professional high-rich hydrogen water maker OEM manufacturer,products contain china hydrogen rich water machine,hydrogen water generator,portable hydrogen drinking water bottle/cup,hydrogen water pitcher,water filter kettle and so on,all of these products with righ hydrogenated water and alkaline water for your body healthcare.

We always take the concept: All for Customers, Quality First, Guide by Market, Continuous innovation and persist in All Function, Convenience and Utility, and with Reasonable Price.

Olansi People always with great passion and confidence are striding forward with you to make mutual benefits and create bright future Read More…

Function Of Olansi Hydrogen Water Maker

For people who are concerned of impurities found in the potable water, Guangzhou Olansi Healthcare Co.,Ltd has now introduced the hydrogen water machines to make hydrogen enriched drinking water. The machine helps producing water that is safe and healthy for drinking.
According to the spokesperson of the company, the hydrogen water generator they produce uses a patented technology of eletrolyzation. Because of the process of electrolysis, a large amount of hydrogen is produced, which is healthier for humans. It has been proved that hydrogen has an antioxidant effect on the human body and by drinking hydrogen rich water one can enjoy several kinds of health benefits. The hydrogen rich water can improve the digestion process, improve the sleeping, reduce blood pressure and can also delay aging.
When entering the human bodies, the hydrogen molecules of hydrogen water can quickly remove malignant cells and prevent the cells from the damage of the malignant radicals. Also, the hydrogen water can use the oxidation of the hydrogen molecules to combine with malignant radicles and turn it into harmless and non-toxin water that will be eliminated from the body to promote metabolism.The hydrogen electrons contained in the hydrogen water, can prevent unsaturated fatty acid from combining with active oxygen to become lipid peroxidation of unsaturated fatty acid, therefore improve high blood pressure.The hydrogen electrons contained in the hydrogen water, can recover the normal function of Islets of Langerhans and its receptors, and then improve the symptoms of diabetes.The calcium electrons in small cluster structure water can be easily absorbed by the human bodies, neutralize acidic harmful substances in the human bodies, and lower the value of uric acid to relieve gout and other osteoarticular diseases.Hydrogen water can remove the free radicals produced from metabolic process of alcohol. It is an anti-alcohol and liver-protection product. Hydrogen water can less the influences from active oxygen and recover the multiplication of the nerve cells to prevent memory loss. Hydrogen water fundamentally replenishes energy to remove the free radicals just as the anti-oxidation, improve sub-health conditions and prevent diseases.The hydrogen electrons (negative potentials) contained in the hydrogen water can prevent the unlimited splits of cancer cells and turn them into cells that have the same life time as the regular cells.The aging of the bodies comes from oxidation. Regardless of health care or skin care, the hydrogen water is anti-oxidation and anti-aging.The hydrogen molecules of hydrogen water can resist inflammation that decreases the harm of inflammation and speeds up the recovery of inflammation. (Relieve inflammation of teeth, skin, intestines and stomach, etc.,)
People who want to maintain their youthfulness should think about drinking hydrogen enriched water, and can take help of the hydrogen water maker that Guangzhou Olansi Healthcare Co.,Ltd produces. The water maker visualizes the electrolysis process and has a touch control for shutting down the process. The water maker features a high strength plastic that is environment friendly and free from toxins. The bottle body is made of Eastman Tritan plastic that has a high temperature resistance and also makes it easy to clean.
The company has designed the hydrogen water machine that helps in the detoxification and improves the overall health. It also betters the taste of the water and one can consume more water to witness more health benefits. The water machine is lightweight, compact in size and easily portable from one place to another. Available in transparent color, one can see the water quality, and the bottle is made of food grade PC free plastic. The machine is available in different models and they also accept OEM manufacturing orders to meet the precise requirements of their clients.

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